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ACT tutoring

The ACT has become just as familiar as the SAT to college counselors, so it is in your best interest to find out which is your best test. There are pros and cons to each test-- for example, the ACT's reading section is at a more accessible level and the math is more straightforward than the SAT's, but the average student is more likely to run out of time on the ACT.

proctored practice tests

If you do no other prep, we strongly recommend a practice test or two. College Board has stated that students who take the SAT twice will, on average, see a slight increase on the second test-- even with no additional prep! These practice tests allow our students the comfort of familiarity in the testing environment without the months of waiting between official tests.

Contact us at to see when our next practice test will be held.

sat tutoring

The SAT has been a fixture for college-bound students for decades. Its recent update has made it very similar to the ACT, though students find they feel less rushed on it. However, the math section is divided into "Calculator Allowed" and "No Calculator Allowed," which can confuse students with weak calculator skills OR weak math abilities.

Online tutoring

New as of September 2019, we are available online! Students will receive an account that allows them to access realtime video with a tutor, a whiteboard, and additional documents. Any online sessions are recorded in order to be available to parents.


Pricing: $80 per hour or $300 for each four hour commitment. Students are required to have at least four sessions.