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Recommended books


The Complete Guide to ACT English (2nd Edition), Erica L. Meltzer

This book is a key part of my extended prep lesson planning. If a student has more than a couple of weeks and wants to greatly improve their English score, there is no better resource (in my mind) than this book.

Meltzer writes clearly about grammar rules but also test rules, teaching concepts and then using ACT-style questions to cement the information. This means you are not learning grammar you won’t need. It also means that if there is a tip or trick to a particular type of question, she’ll point it out. I love using this book to transform students from saying “it sounds wrong” to saying “it’s a comma splice.”

This is the second edition, which I recommend because the few (ironic) typos have been cleared away. It’s a great resource beginning to end: chapters ended with drills, two complete English sections to be taken as tests, and an index in the back that pinpoints all types of grammar examples. There’s even a cheat sheet up front with her 21 top tips.

The information here also translates well to the SAT writing section, which is now very similar to the ACT. The SAT focuses a little more on context and the arrangement of sentences, but the grammar rules (as always) hold true.


For the love of act science

Excellent, focused review and practice for the science section.


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